The Evolution of the IoT

Manufacturing floors consist of several moving parts, including operators and machines. Tracking data and compiling reliable reports on input, output, and machine effectiveness in this environment is difficult and tedious. Two of the most prominent challenges facing flame cutting companies are:

Data Collection

Without the ability to track productivity in real-time, you may lose insight into material usage, downtimes, and errors and may waste time performing repetitive information gathering.


Once you’ve collected your data by hand, you must also manually prepare reports and order maintenance or replacement parts, risking unnecessarily long downtimes.

The beauty of the Internet of Things is connectivity. Machines simplify a process by communicating with one another and transmitting relevant data. So how can you harness this new technology to streamline your operation?

The OmniFab 2018

You now have the ability to receive live, actionable statistics on the functionality of your machines. Our latest software effectively connects all of your machines, proactively communicates with your operators, and grows with your requirements.

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