A Machine's Value Starts At The Beginning

For over 100 years, Messer Cutting Systems has been a technology leader for all industries involved in steel and metal working. We pride ourselves on innovation, precision and reliability. From manufacturing to sales, our technicians provide a customer-centric experience, carefully listening to your needs and plans in order to recommend the right Messer Cutting System for you.

Experience the journey of a Messer machine in this step-by-step guide to production. In this infographic, we explore how a machine’s value is born and explain the steps we take to deliver and uphold the best product on the market. Learn more about our process below.

Starting with the initial contact, our team at Messer provides hands-on assistance to ensure the process is straightforward and hassle-free. A Regional Sales Manager or Dealer will be assigned to your specific request based on your region, and a Product Specialist will then generate a custom quote. To guarantee we’re addressing your exact needs and providing the machine that will work best for your application, the Regional Sales Manager or Dealer will also conduct an on-site visit.

Once you’ve received a quote and are ready to order, your Product Specialist will help you through the entire order process. Our specialist work interdependently to assemble the machine, and then before shipping, we perform in-house testing and a final inspection to confirm the machine is fully operational. Additionally, we provide preinstallation and installation checklists to facilitate less downtime in production and less maintenance.

After installation, our service teams remain available to assist you throughout the lifespan of your machine. We believe the service we provide is just as important as the machines we supply.

Additionally, to reduce downtime and save your company money, Messer offers a Virtual Service program to support all of our cutting machines. This program makes it possible for our team to remotely diagnose many problems that previously required a technician to travel and visit on-site. Now, troubleshooting is an efficient process as the operator can watch each step virtually through the Virtual Service computer program and even remotely perform updates to your software as necessary.

Our experience ranges from assisting manufacturers of ships, railways, automobiles, agricultural machines, and electronic products to various medical, pharmaceutical, and environmental technology. As North America’s largest manufacturer of plasma cutting machinery, you can trust our experts to deliver quality product customized to meet your company’s needs.