Building Modern Marvels depicted in infographics.   See Messer's Role.  

Our customer's are experts in their fields of development. They pioneer modern marvels like ships, automotives, and art pieces to influence industries around the world. These marvels are built with extreme precision, technology, and control with the use of multiple machines and systems.

If you want to learn more about how our cutting systems influence the building of these modern marvels, check out our latest infographics.  

Have you ever looked at a cruise ship, 18-wheeler, or wrought iron fence and wondered how it was made? Each of these modern masterpieces are crafted out of metal using advanced and precise machinery.

Constructing ships, producing automobiles, and turning metal into artwork are all unique processes yet, they use similar cutting, assembly, and welding processes to achieve their final product.

The shipbuilding, automotive, and art industries each maintain a strong presence across the world and have all shown the functionality and beauty of metal products.

In 2013, there were 117 shipyards in the United States, and the shipbuilding and repairing industry employed 107,240 people.

The U.S. trucking industry currently boasts 1.2 million companies of various sizes and 8.9 million people employed in truck-related occupations.

The U.S. art industry offers 14 programs for metal arts, eight exclusive galleries for artists who use metal, and 30 museums that are dedicated to or feature metal artwork.

Though the scale of ships, trucks, and pieces of art may be vastly different, each are equally impressive and carefully crafted products formed from cut, shaped, and joined metal.