The automotive industry requires precision, accuracy, and detail to build semi-tractor trailers, agricultural, and specialty vehicles. This high volume industry has a critical demand for technology to meet their benchmark for strict cutting tolerances. Messer Cutting Systems’ cutting machines aid the automotive industry by producing high quality cut parts with efficiency. Our advanced precision cutting technology can be found in automotive supply shops worldwide.

Building Kings of the Road

The building process for these massive, man-made industrial machines can take a few days to a few months. Trucks are designed using advanced computer software before fabrication. The bearing frame of a truck is assembled upside down to ensure that the truck is being built to the highest standards. Messer plasma and oxyfuel cutting systems are used to precisely cut the frame and other parts to specific requirements. After the cutting process, the truck is turned over and the remainder of the chassis, cab, and interior are installed.

Modern trucks are designed to have the most advanced safety standards for drivers and those on the open road. In order to be driven, trucks must undergo strict inspections that closely examine each step of the building process. The trucks themselves are built to keep speeds of a certain level and company owners require drivers to obey national speed and weight limits. These safety standards rely on the advanced precision cutting technology of Messer Cutting Systems machines to ensure the safety of those on the road.

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