Plasma Cutting Metal Sheet Art

David Dunlap

"I work for a large Industrial Contractor in Eastern North Carolina as a Structural Detailer and CNC Programmer.  In my spare time I enjoy creating one-off pieces of art for friends and family as a past-time hobby.  I often create specific pieces with a personal touch for the customer, mostly to see the excitement in their eyes when they take their first look at the artwork, the reactions truly do make it all worthwhile."

"As some of my work has been recognized around town, I started getting orders from co-workers and small businesses alike.  I’ve kept myself open to any and all ideas a customer approaches me with big or small, and have always ended up with an intriguing conversation piece to last for years to come.  All of the work shown here has been made for customers in the past, but can easily be altered or recreated to fit a new client’s needs.  The possibilities are endless and I’m always open to a new idea for a creation to last a lifetime."

For any inquiries contact: ddunlap2512@remove-this.gmail.remove-this.com

Portfolio Samples