Guaranteed Expertise

Messer Cutting Systems set the standard for the industry, providing over 100 years of superior thermal cutting machine technology. Our expert salesmen will analyze your planning needs and recommend the right cutting machine solution for your company. Our machines have multiple equipment options such as plasma, oxyfuel and laser bevelling, drills, markers, material handling solutions, pipe and tube cutting, and so much more. 


Our wide product range includes oxyfuel, plasma and laser cutting systems including machines customized and engineered to meet a wide range of industry needs. All these come with services and software programs that help optimize your machines while maintaining a top of the line cut quality.


We have technicians and engineers worldwide to respond quickly when services are needed. In addition, telephone analysts using Virtual Service™ to help assist you with machine function in real time. You can have the utmost confidence that your Messer Cutting Systems machines will be long-lasting and profitable.


Our innovative and advanced software programs streamline processes by optimizing thermal cutting with the level of quality you expect from Messer Cutting Systems. This user-friendly software is easy to understand, administer, and operate.

Messer's application experts can provide training and to help you fix problems. If you need a quick solution, we guarantee fast, consistent, and high quality support. Since each problem is unique, individualized service targets your specific technical questions. With guaranteed reaction times and fast processing of your questions, your software operation can run smoothly.

The combination of advanced machines and integrated software programs create a perfect system for a wide range of industries. This is all backed with our team of expert technicians and engineers around the world to ensure the best possible functionality of our Messer Cutting Systems.