Working with Messer to advance their manufacturing capabilities using Messer’s precision cutting technology

The Warren Company

The Warren Company is a full-service steel center and custom fabricator from Erie, Pennsylvania. They supply to numerous industries including transportation, energy, heavy industrial equipment and specialized industries such as recycling and electronics. The Warren Company uses Messer machines for the production of straight parts.

  • Industries supplied to in Transportation:
  • Ship / Shipbuilding, Air, Automotive, Train
  • Industries supplied to in Energy:
  • Solar; Electric, Nuclear
  • Industries supplied to in Heavy Industrial Equipment:
  • Construction Equipment Mining and Earth Moving Equipment; Material Handling / Conveying Equipment
  • Specialized Industries supplied to:
  • Recycling, Electronics


At the Warren Company we have embraced a philosophy of continuous improvements to keep ahead of the market demands to best serve our customers.  We strive to partner with industry leaders and to best utilize the  most advanced technology. To make this happen, we have selected Messer to advance our manufacturing capabilities. Messer has been instrumental in our efforts to continually move the Warren Company forward. We have never questioned Messer and we are proud to have them as a supplier and partner.

Robert Warren, President - The Warren Company 

For more information on the Warren Company please visit their website at http://www.thewarrencompany.com/