Cutting high quality parts for metal fabrication serving the power industry

The Ben Parker Company

The Ben Parker Company is a per contract job shop that services the power industry. Typical fabrication consists of structural/miscellaneous steel and heavy plate forming. From Chattanooga, Tennessee, they supply to numerous industries in energy, heavy industrial equipment, steel and specialized industries such as robotics, medical and art. Ben Parker Company uses Messer machines for straight parts, bevel parts and marking.

  • Energy:
    • Nuclear; Electric / Coal
  • Industries supplied to in Heavy Industrial Equipment:
    • Construction Equipment; Material Handling / Conveying Equipment
  • Industries supplied to in Steel:
    • Fabrication Shops, Steel Factories
  • Specialized industries supplied to:
    • Robotics, Medical, Artistic

For more information about The Ben Parker Company please visit their website at http://www.benparkerco.com/