The Titan II plasma cutting speeds are faster than oxyfuel resulting in higher productivity and fast turnaround for customers

Texcraft, Inc.

Texcraft, Inc., in Lubbock, Texas is a metal fabrication facility that specializes in providing Messer plasma cut parts for heavy industrial equipment.  In addition, they supply Messer plasma cut parts to these industries as well:

  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Petroleum – Oilfield and Platform Equipment
  • Wind Energy
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Submersible Pump Equipment and so much more


"The Messer Titan II CNC plasma is an amazing machine.  It cuts a variety of thicknesses all the way up to 1.25” mild steel.  And it can etch parts.  This is a process we use to mark the location of secondary process welding.  This increases speed and precision of welded parts.  It is equipped with Hypertherm HPR260XD power sources which are the "bee’s knees" when it comes to quality."

-JN, Plasma Operator, Texcraft, Inc.

"I run a Messer Titan II CNC dual torch high definition plasma cutting table.  It has the capacity to cut 1.25” thick mild steel with high precision.  It can run single torch or dual torch programs.  It is very efficient with program set up and cut sequences from the on-board computer (CNC) system that runs every aspect of the machine.  The moving gantry that carries the torches and glides on rails over a water filled cutting table."

-JM, Plasma Operator, Texcraft, Inc.

For more information on Textcraft, Inc. please visit their website at http://www.texcraft.biz