14 year old MetalMaster II still cutting like the day it was new

Mackintosh Heavy Duty

Mackintosh Heavy Duty maintains and repairs logging/off highway logging trucks as well as making timber frame and brackets custom railing. They also cut parts for New Inland Ferry in Nakusp, British Columbia, Canada. They supply to numerous industries in shipping,  transportation, heavy industrial equipment, steel and other industries such as logging. Mackintosh Heavy Duty uses Messer machines for straight parts as well as marking.

  • Industries supplied to in Transportation:
  • Shipbuilding
  • Industries supplied to in Heavy Industrial Equipment:
  • Construction Equipment
  • Industries supplied to in Steel:
  • Fabrication Shops
  • Other Industries supplied to:
  • Logging


 "Our machine is 14 years old it's a MetalMaster II with Pilot controller and still cuts like the day it was new."

Colman Mackintosh -  Mackintosh Heavy Duty