Messer machines are hard at work, three shifts a day, cutting and beveling high quality complicated parts

Caterpillar, Inc.

Caterpillar, Inc; from Aurora, Illinois works in industries that provide long-term economic value: commodities (mining, oil and gas); infrastructure (heavy construction, rail, paving, quarry and aggregate); and building construction (residential, commercial, standby power, industrial engines and forestry). Caterpillar Inc. uses Messer machines for straight parts as well as beveled parts.

  • Industries supplied to in Energy:
  • Electric / Coal, Nuclear
  • Industries supplied to in Heavy Industrial Equipment:
  • Construction Equipment; Oil / Oil Platforms / Tankers / Pipe Line; Mining and Earth Moving Equipment; Material Handling / Conveying Equipment
  • Industries supplied to in Steel:
  • Steel Factories
  • Specialized Industries supplied to:
  • Recycling, Plastics
  • Other industries supplied to:
  • Underground Utilities


"Caterpillar has a legacy of manufacturing excellence and meticulously evaluates any tools we bring onto our production floor. Messer Cutting Systems has exceeded our expectations in this application of heavy plate cutting and beveling. The staff at Messer was engaged from start to finish; asking the right questions on the front end and supporting the machine in the field on the back end.

Caterpillar runs multiple Messer cutting machines, three shifts a day, often 6-7 days a week, and we can say these machines were built for the task. MCS offered the training we needed to take full advantage of the machines; rather it was teaching operators ´Plasma Theory 101´or using Messer's Global Reporter to remotely monitor machine metrics.

The capability of these machines has allowed Caterpillar to simplify its manufacturing operations by not only completing complicated parts in fewer operations but at a higher quality than before."

Matt Zulkowski - Capterillar, Inc.

Manufacturing Engineering - Burn to Shape


For more information about Caterpillar please visit their website at http://www.cat.com/