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Expanding Your Field of Expertise

Advanced Cutting Capabilities

As a global company, Messer Cutting Systems supplies customers around the world with customized oxyfuel, plasma, and laser cutting systems and equipment. Our advanced products are specially designed for a wide range of industries that require advanced technology in CNC plasma cutting.

We understand that the metal cutting industry is vast and requires innovative technologies to succeed. Whether your industry involves large, industrial products or intricate pieces of artwork, Messer provides customers with machines uniquely customized and perfected for their industry.

Our team of experienced professionals work directly with you to address your exact needs and provide you with a machine that will be most suitable for your application. We believe the service we provide is just as important as the machines we supply. That’s why our service teams remain available to assist you with throughout the lifespan of your machine.

The Final Product


Lyman-Morse shared theirs.

Lyman-Morse, which recently celebrated 40 years in operation, revolutionized the boatbuilding business with state-of-the-art cutting technology and expanded into a greater number of industries, such as agricultural, aeronautical, architectural, and beyond. As a quality-driven business, Lyman-Morse is dedicated to providing superior products and a safe working environment for employees.

Learn more about how with an intuitive interface, reliable functions, and powerful cutting potential, Messer technology enabled Lyman-Morse to significantly reduce the time spent on jobs.


With an emphasis on excellence, Messer’s machines are built with extreme precision, technology, and control, using multiple machines and systems. From manufacturing to sales, our technicians provide a customer-centric experience, carefully listening to your needs and plans in order to recommend the right Messer Cutting System for you.

Explore how a machine’s value is born at Messer and learn more about the steps we take to deliver and uphold the best product on the market.