Construct Inc.

Phone interview with David Dunlap

  • Q: What does your company specialize in?
  • A: Structural & Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication.
  • Q: How does the CNC machine increase efficiency for Construct, Inc.?
  • A: Cuts down hours of layout time, prefab, shapes and cuts holes laid out, rarely use shear anymore.
  • Q: What products are most often made using the CNC processing system?
  • A: Base plates, transitions, flight work. We own a 10'x 30' table (limiting to big products).
  • Q: What makes your company’s use of the CNC processing system unique to competitors?
  • A: Precision, Nesting (save far more on raw material versus the shear).
  • Q: What products require the CNC processing system?
  • A: Ambu One. They own a 2011 version that requires treatment for our water table. No big replacements required.
  • Q: How long has Construct Inc. been using the Messer CNC processing system?
  • A: At least 5 years (going on 6), used something smaller before then.
  • Q: Which industry that you supply requires the most use of the CNC processing system?
  • A: Wood piling facilities that generate alternatives for coal. Cleaner burning;  Miscellaneous steel pieces for general contractor;  30 billion project contract.;Angles.
  • Q: Have you run into any problems with your CNC processing system since obtaining it?
  • A: Common errors like gas lines, small electrical problem, how the operator has the machine set up. Nothing on Messer’s behalf. We run it every week and get good results every week.
  • Q: How durable have the products been that have been produced by the CNC processing machine?
  • A: High quality, AISC certified, good cut quality.
  • Q: Is the machine self-sufficient or does it require multiple people to operate?
  • A: Generally two guys: operator & parts cleaner (labeling, cleaning) mainly one man operated.

“Messer is always there for us, always gives an answer to questions in a timely fashion, and provides great tech support.”  David Dunlap