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Precision Cutting Technology

For over 100 years, Messer Cutting Systems has been dedicated to offering customers precision cutting technology in the metalworking industry. The benefits that come with using our accurate and valuable cutting systems include:

  • Superior, industry leading machines and equipment at the forefront of technology
  • Innovative and advanced software programs that effectively streamline processes
  • Unrivaled expertise from qualified and accomplished professionals
  • Five-star service programs ensuring machine productivity and longevity

As a global company, we supply customers around the world with customized oxyfuel, plasma, and laser cutting systems and equipment. Our advanced products are made for a wide range of industries, including steel service centers, metal fabrication, structural steel, agriculture, energy, shipbuilding, transportation, and construction.

Along with first-class machines, we offer a vast range of services for customers, such as parts, maintenance, repairs, retrofits, and more.